Friday, September 30, 2011

Hack Facebook/Gmail/Yahoo/G+ Using Keylogger

Hi Friends , Today I am telling you about how to hack any account Facebook , Yahoo , Hotmail , Gmail , Paypal etc .In this trick we will use a keylogger software and run it on victim PC when he/she run it , all his/her typed keys are recorded and sent to your email.


1) Download Software:

2) Extract it and Run Grieve Logger Public V4  application as shown below

and you will see look like this

I) Now Enter your Gmail Email address in Email filed and Gmail Password in Password field .
II) The other Options are optional but use them so it will work good.
You can choose your custom icon for the application and you also enable error message when he/she run the software an error msg will be show and in back the software will be run.
The Most important things is Time Interval , I recommend you to set 15 to 30 minutes but you also set 60 and 2 minutes it depend on you.

4) Finally Click on  Build Server Button

 when you click on build server a dialog will be open for saving you application and choose the location and save it .
 Your application will be created.

 6) This is the important step and you will be use your mind in this step. Send it to your Victim PC who you want to hack and tell them that it PC Speed up software or say something else that impress his//her and run it when he/she run it nothing will be happen on his/her screen but in back it will run and record his/her keyboard keys. when the time interval you enter is done then software will send the Data to your email and check your email and see the passwords as show below.

Enjoy it .....................................

If you have any problem then mention it in comment.

The Bangash Hacker


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  1. Anonymous says:

    You should also write a tut about Crypting.
    Maybe even writing a Crypter in c++ or something :D. And how you can edit it if its get Detected :D

  2. ya soon I will post about Encrypting..........

  3. rudra says:

    plz .. tell us abt crypter :D .. thankn u frm india :)

  4. sir,error compiling ur server massage is coming..wat should i do????

  5. john says:

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  7. Nice Trick, Thanks.
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  8. hello sir,i hav a problem with open it,it shows error like this"windows cannot access the specified path...." and in winrar it showsthe error msg like this"cannot execute...."
    plz hepl to solve this problem

  9. download link not working.. please update it or send me on my email id-

  10. download link not working..any body help me..please update it or send me on my email

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

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