Sunday, October 9, 2011

How to cut off Net in LAN

Hi friends, Today I am posting about how to cut off internet in LAN connection.This trick will help you when all of your computer in LAN use net and your net speed is slow then cut off net of other computer in LAN.


1) Download Software:

2) Extract it and you will see two files one is "Netcut" and other is "NetcutDefender" .You will use Netcut software.

3)When you install it then you will see icon on destop and click on it.

4) Run it and you will see look like this

5) Now click on Find IP  button and enter ip from to . it depand on your LAN Network how many computer you have.(Enter 1 IP at one time and Click on  Find This)

6) You will see all computer in your Network

7) Now you can cut the net of computer you want by click on that computer Address and then click on Cut off (in Testing.....) button.

So you are done and enjoy full speed of your Net.................

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The Bangash Hacker

3 Responses so far.

  1. Zain says:

    It seems fine to me . . i am just curious that after i cut-off the other person, will he be notified of this? actually i am in a situation where i am compelled to share my internet with a neighbour but i really dont want to . . so how can i cut him off and he also doesnt know that i did it . . .

    P.S. I am afraid i might not be able to find this page back although i am making it bookmark . .. it ll be very kind if u can email me some appropriate solution at

  2. @zain computer in which you cut off net they did'nt know about you that you cut off his/her net.

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