Sunday, September 11, 2011

Funny JavaScript

Hi Friends, I will post soon about Facebook Account Hacking but Now I am Posting about "Funny JavaScript" just for Fun.In this trick you will download 3 HTML Pages and Run it.You can also upload it to your website and access from anywhere and tell friends to goto the link.

1) You Must Love Me:

In this JavaScript Page You must click on Yes and When you click on No then button will move up or left and you can not click on no button.

Online Example (Demo): 

2) Love Tester:

Enter you Name in first field and enter you Lover Name in 2nd field then click on Calculate and You will see that your lover love you how many percent (%).

Online Example (Demo):

3) Fake Textbox:

In this script when you enter something about yourself or what ever other then you will see that what is the real thing about you.

Online Example (Demo):

If you have any problem then mention in comment.
The Bangash Hacker

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