Friday, August 12, 2011

Hack Gmail Account with Phishing

Hi Friends, Today Post is "How to Hack Gmail Account".There are too many ways to hack Gmail Account but we can Use the simple way "Phishing".


Requirements:  Host a free web site i.e host on , or any other provider for uploading all files and Victim login process.
1) First Download Phishing files. Click here  

2) Extract it and there will be 3 files and 1 folder as shown below

3) Upload all the 3 files (index , hacked , bangash-hacker) and 1 folder ServiceLogin_file to Your Website in any directory or root directory.
Note: You must upload all the 3 files and 1 folder in One Directory i.e in main directory.

4) After all the files and folder then send your web site address to your friends or say him/her to visit my new web site it is look like gmail and use your gmail account to login or use other technique so that he/she visit your site and login with gmail account.

5) Finally when your victim login with gmail account the data will be send to your web site in hacked file and he/she will be redirected to gmail original website.

6) Now you can see his/her email and password in hacked.txt file by direct opening it i.e (if you upload it in root directory)
or login to you site and see your all file and open hacked file to see email and password of victim.

And you will see look like this


If you have any problem then mention it in comment

The Bangash Hacker

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  1. I am grateful for the information given.your writing is also very excellent. Thanks for nice post.

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  3. Amir Khan says:

    dear phising method se facebook hacking nyc ha but browsers phishing links ko report kerty hen iska kia kiya jaye ? bec jb b kisi ko link diya jaye us ka browser report kr dita ha so plz sir help me im waiting your reply??

  4. cool.....nice job your all post are awesome...!! good work

  5. Can you tab nap other tabs??

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